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My husband took me to see the new Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton, this morning and I must say the costumes were amazing! Colleen Atwood must have had a really good time designing and creating these fantasy masterpieces. She put some really fun twists on the characters with the costumes and makeup.

My personal favorite costume in Alice in Wonderland was Alice’s red dress. It is a fun and crazy design! I especially liked the a-symmetrical design and mixture of red and striped fabrics. She kind of looks like she’s wearing a zebra pelt or something.

And who can forget, Johnny Depp’s fabulous suit! The details put into his costume are awesome. His bow tie just kills me with laughter! His hat is inspiring.

I thought that the depiction of the Red and White Queens from Alice-in-Wonderland were perfectly opposite. The flamboyancy of the red queen’s gown offset her large head in such a way that it made her even more ridiculous (in a good way).

And the pale tones of the white queen’s whole being enhanced her character (sweet, goodiness).

Overall, I give the costumes of Alice in Wonderland a big thumbs up! Colleen Atwood is my costume Design heroine!

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  1. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out Colleen’s costumes from Sleepy Hollow (1999). They are so gorgeous!

  2. :mrgreen: I am just so inspired by Colleen. When I first saw the movie, I was infatuated with the costuming. I almost died when I saw her accept the Academy Award for Alice. I’ve always wanted to be a costume designer and she is my new inspiration.

  3. Oh I loved her blue dress after first shrinking! It has been the inspiration for many of my costumes for my scripts! Is there any picture of it anywhere?

  4. 😛 i love the red dress too. it would be a great prom dress. i want it for prom.

  5. When I first saw Alice’s red dress, I was so amazed, I wan’t a dress like that cause I want to wear it on sister’s debut

  6. I too am in love with Alice’s red dress, and I’m looking for someone who can recreate it! I couldn’t locate your email anywhere on your website to submit this query, so I shall ask here: would you be such a person, or could you direct me to another source?

    Thank you!

  7. 😯 i want to buy this dress for my senio prom this year!!!!!!!!!

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