Costume Tutorials — 15 December 2010

My sweet mother-in-law had this great idea for a baby quilt for her one and only granddaughter…she wanted something interactive with buttons, ribbons, zippers, fuzz, and lots of color. I agreed to help her because the project did sound interesting and challenging and because I love doing things with my mom-in-law.

We started out with a little research…there is hardly anything online by way of crazy interactive quilting so we traveled around to quilt and craft stores getting ideas from pillows, pieces of clothing, children’s books, and kind of making it up as we went.

This is what we came up with………………

I hope granddaughter loves it cause I sure do! I was half tempted to keep it for myself! Anyway, I’ll show a few of the squares up close for those who need a near-close-almost-touching experience with anything creative and fun.

The first baby quilt square is a big pocket with a giant zipper. You can see from the picture that we actually put little Golden books inside for granddaughter to look at and read. The zipper is industrial strength and wide to make it easier to open and close. I got the ruffle idea from a pillow at a quilt store and thought it was so cute I just had to use it.

The next square is a 3-D flower pot. Mom-in-law found the most adorable cotton flowers and I created little pillows out of them. They were hand-stitched to the quilt square in two circles around the middle of the flower, leaving the edges floppy. The flower stems are elastic-like ribbons that I twisted to get a fun effect.

My favorite quilt square is this one…the bunny pocket. This bunny was made like the flowers, each piece is separately sewn and stuffed (like a pillow) and hand sewn to the quilt square. The best part about this bunny is….…’s a pocket!!!! (Squeal with delight) You could put crayons or a finger puppet or whatever inside the bunny’s belly! It’s so awesome.

We made lots of baby quilt squares, one with buckles, several with fuzzy trim or ribbon, one with a big button hole and equally big button, another with bobbles of fuzz attached to flowers. We went to town with bright colored fabric, crazy trims, and a little creativity and we had a blast doing it!

Since other grandchildren may also want a fun quilt, Please share your creative and brilliant ideas for a crazy interactive quilt piece in the comments below. I would love to your ideas.


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  1. I will never get tired of looking at our crazy quilt!

  2. Mary bear!!! I loved making this quilt with you! You gave it life! Thanks so much for all the great ideas and help. You are a treasure! 😛

  3. Oh my goodness…it turned out SO cute!!

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