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For those of you looking for more information on the Fabulous costumes of Alice in Wonderland (especially the red dress Alice wears in the Queen’s court), I have found a few videos that may be interesting to you!

This first video clip is an interview with Colleen Atwood, the costume designer. She goes through some of the major costumes and explains the theory behind them. She also points out some of the neat features of the costumes that are difficult to see on the film or that may have passed your notice; such as the embroidery on Alice’s blue dress, the burnt silk on the mad hatter, his movable bowtie, and his chain of thread, the wide stripes on Alice’s red dress, and other fun things. Check it out!

This video clip goes over most of the same costumes, but includes more details on the difficulties of mixing costumes and animation and, more particular, Stayne’s costume.

I love to see the technical side of the movies. There are so many elements working to bring the show together that you don’t see . . . the behind-the-scenes stuff. This clip is a mixture of interviews of the actors about the technical parts that went into the making of Alice in Wonderland.

Last of all . . . The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) held a  SuperLab Fashion Show inspired by the costumes of Alice in Wonderland. I love what the designers came up with!


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  2. Alice in Wonderland has some of the coolest costumes! The red dress is my favorite.

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