Costume Tutorials — 05 January 2011

This was my first year attending Galveston’s famous Dickens on the Strand Event. This was the 37th Annual Event put on by the Galveston Historical Foundation. It is a festival to recreate the Victorian London in the time of Charles Dickens. Many people dressed up in costumes the purchased or produced themselves (Of course, I had to dress up as well! And I am so proud to say that I have a wonderful husband who was willing to dress up with me).

The most creative costumes were the Steampunk group. Steampunk is a science fiction/alternate history of the past in the future (try to wrap your brain around that!). They had all sorts of fun with their costumes using dark and, at the same time, bright fabric. I can only describe them as looking like they put the Victorian era and sci-fi in a blender and out came their clothing. It was cool.

The Galveston Historical Foundation holds Dickens on the Strand every December for one weekend. They block off a small section of Galveston where the buildings are really old (dating back to the late 1800’s) and they allow vendors to sell wares that would fit into the Victorian time frame. There were booths with popcorn they made using a really old looking kettle, an old pub for drinks, corsets, hats, and other trinkets to buy. There was lots of entertainment including fire jugglers, men on tall bikes, and the cutest girl choirs! Victorian policemen walked the strand keeping the peace and even the Queen herself was present!

My favorite part (and the reason for my going) was to see the costume contest! They had 3, one for the women, one for the men, and one for families. I have to say that if you ever go, go early to get a seat because the contest is lllllloooooonnnnnnggggggg. There was some neat stuff though. And the judges did a pretty good job picking the best, although so many of the costumes were period and perfect.

I’ve posted pictures of the winners below.


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  1. Love it! You and Josh really know how to have a good time!

  2. Love your website!! 😛

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