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You will need:

Sintra Polyurethane PVC board (garage sale or open house signs are sometimes made with this)
Easter Eggs
White or Gold Puff Paint (aka 3D Paint)
Super Glue Gel
Gold Leaf Paint (same as Bikini top)
Bronze Acrylic Paint (same as Bikini top)
Pledge with Future Floor Polish (same as Bikini Top)
Elastic (1/4-1/2” wide)
Snap tape (24-30”)
Maroon Fabric of your Choice
A pair of matching underwear or enough fabric for underwear


    1. Draw the shape and décor of the front, back and side pieces on a piece of paper. Measure them to your body to get the right dimensions (It’s easier and cheaper to use paper for this part).
    2. There are subtle lines on your PVC board, so when you transfer your drawing, you want to keep the lines horizontal (perpendicular) to your body. Use a razor to cut it out. I would recommend sanding the edges really well with an electric sander, but if you’re like me and have no electric sander then you just go with what you have.
    3. Boil a big pot of water. Use gloves and boil each of your PVC pieces. You want to get them really hot so they will bend and curve around the body. Bend it a little more than you need because when it cools it will lose a little of its shape. You may have to boil it and bend it and boil it and bend to get the right shape.
    4. Boil 4 Easter eggs as well. Boiling them just makes them easier to cut with the scissors. You’re going to want to trim off a little bit so they don’t protrude too far off the front and back bikini pieces.
    5. Trace the decorative lines of your paper drawings onto the pvc if you haven’t already or if they get boiled off. Super glue the eggs to the front and back pieces.
    6. Use the puffy paint to add dimension to your decorative lines and spaces. Let it dry really well.
    7. If you used a colored piece of PVC then you will have to paint it white before applying 2-3 coats of the gold leaf paint. Once the paint is dry, apply the bronze paint in a small area at a time. Wipe some of it off, leaving paint in the crevices. Give the whole thing a coat of floor polish for a shiny finish.

  1. Cut out your ‘tails’ (the fabric pieces that flow in front and back). Mine are 1.5x’s the length I desired (you may want more gathers so cut it wider). Finish the edges with a rolled hem, gather the top and sew it to one side of the snap tape.
  2. Super glue the other side of the snap tape to the front and back bikini pieces.
  3. Paint your elastic gold and super glue it to the side pieces, attaching to the front and back.
  4. Pick up a pair of underwear that is a similar color to the fabric (or use an extra piece of the fabric). Cut away the sides and glue it to the bikini bottom to cover your personal parts from the whims of the wind or children who might play with your tails.
  5. Voila! You have Leia’s metal bikini bottom!

Outtakes…Things that Don’t work.

  • Gluing rubber bands or small pieces of rubber weatherseal to the inside of the bikini bottom to thread the elastic through. This is no good, they all break or rip off.
  • Use Chiffon for the tails. For the sake of others, Please use something opaque.
  • Going commando. Like I said, wind or children will reveal everything.
  • Cut your PVC with scissors, unless you have an electric sander. Scissors leave very uneven edges (although, if you do make this mistake, you can use the wood filler to smooth things out).


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  1. It turned out beautifully! Great job!

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