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Captain America: The First Avenger opened this weekend and there were some fun opening activities at the Gateway Mall in honor of this super hero. There were video games on the big screen, trivia, freebies, giveaways and a costume contest.

In addition to the great Captain America fan costumes, there were other fan costumes including Ironman, Ghostbusters, and Wolverine.

This Captain America made his costume from his father’s military gear. The helmet, the jacket, the gaiters, the boots. He wore the costume for Halloween the previous year and decided to enhttp://redheadedseamstress.com/2011/07/captain-america-fan-costumes/ter it in the costume contest.

I love when fans go out of the way to make props that go with their costumes. This man dressed up as the Red Skull and even had a cube. He made it from a photo box that he spray painted with craft paint (the kind that looks like a steamy mirror) and then he put lights inside to get the glow.
Cossette pulled items out of her closet to form her 1940’s Peggy outfit. On her way to the theater, she had one of her sisters do her hair in pin curls. She ended up winning the costume contest with a little help from her adoring fans.
Ironman cast his helmet from resin and made his armor out of exercise mats, pvc and several other materials. He had LED lights in the eyes of the helmet and to light up his chest reactor. It was very impressive. This was not his first set of armor, he also had a Halo outfit at home.



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