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In honor of the final Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2, Josh and I grabbed our cameras and headed over to Cinemark 18 to capture the awesome costumes made by fans. The theater had over 12 shows sold out between the midnight and 1am and lines to get into the show were coming out every door, including the exits.

There were many people in costumes but we captured some of the most intriguing and asked them their tricks behind the outfit.

Fans have to get more and more creative each year as to who or what they are going to be. This girl was the golden snitch last year and wondered how she was going to top it. I’d say she did a pretty good job.

Her Fawkes the Phoenix was filled with color and was easily spotted in the crowd of people. She got right into detail using feather boas from a party store to create the wings and dawning a fun pair of feather eyelashes she bought from Sephora.

The body of the outfit were a red sweater and red shorts. She hot glued feathers onto the collar of the sweater. She found a hat in her closet that looked like it would work for a hair piece and she attached longer feathers to it using small wire (sewn or braided on with invisible thread) to make the feathers curl. She told us that there was so much hairspray in her hair that the smaller feathers just stuck without any other help.

Our Harry Potter and Slytherin girl were able to sew together their house scarves, but had to use staples to put together their black robes when the sewing machine broke. They had matching ID badges that they got from someone at school.

These three girls were unique. Harry James Potter fans from Azcaban. They got their orange jumpsuits online. On their back is written, “I would go to Azcaban for Harry James Potter”. Now this is fandom at its finest.

This married couple dressed up as Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. They had most of the costume pieces in their closet, with the exception of Voldemort’s nose. That was done with scar wax they purchased from a makeup store and blended with latex.

I stopped Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley, not only for their cool costumes, but for their cocky walk through the hall. Loved the hair.

Fleur bought most of her costume pieces at a thrift store. Her hat was a Walmart purchase that she painted blue and a friend of hers made the blue cape around her shoulders. When asked why she chose Fleur, she said that she was going through a list of female characters and Fleur had the same long blonde hair she had.
The whole group had some fun costumes.

This kid said he got the owl from a friend who bought it in Harry Potter World. The head even moved around.

Most of the fans we talked too rated themselves a 7 on a fan scale of 1 to 10. Reasons for being a 7 were that they didn’t have Harry Potter paraphernalia on their walls or they didn’t read the books as many times as others they knew. Whether they are a 1 a 7 or a 10, I think they deserve true fan status for sitting in line all day, in costume, for a midnight showing.



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