Costume Tutorials — 04 July 2011

During the filming of Captain America, Chris Evans had many Captain America shields, depending on the action that was taking place. He had several shields out of steel that were for scenes where he needed to deflect objects. There were shields of rubber for when he had to knock people around. There were very shiny, metallic shields for close-ups. There were magnetic shields for the times he needed to wear it on his back or hang it off the motorcycle.

Captain America’s ‘Classic’ Shield is worthy of any geeks collection. It is the icon, symbol, essence of Captain America. If you want to build your own, I have listed 4 of the TOP how to links for you to check out. All of them give great step-by-step instructions with good pictures. Some are easier than others, take a look at them all and then decide what will suit your time and resource needs most.


1. For a great tutorial on how to make a Captain America Shield click here. It’s cheap and easy to follow.

2. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making the shield out of a 26″ flexible flyer steele saucer and auto paint. It includes a source for obtaining the saucer. Has a better metallic look to it than the first option.

3. This tutorial will show you how to make the shield from an old satellite dish.

4. Click Here to see how to make a real metal shield with grooves, star and all.


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