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The most anticipated wedding dress of the year!  Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) will be wearing an original bridal piece by Carolina Herrera. To keep us all in suspense, full photos of the gown have not been released, but we have caught partially shots of the gown in the trailers that have been released.

From the pieces we’ve gotten off the trailer, we know that the dress is a made from a white satin and has a deep v neckline and long sleeves. In one shot, you can see what looks like a little piece of frayed organza trim sticking out from the edge of one sleeve as Bella walks down the isle holding her father’s arm. We also get a glimpse of a part of the bodice showing us some decorative horizontal lines that are sure to compliment Kristen’s figure.

We do not know the silhouette of the dress for sure, but we do know that it will have an Edwardian feel about it if it stays true to the book. We also know that it is very tight (according to Kristen Stewart’s description) so that rules out a ballgown or ballerina style dress. It is most likely a mermaid style or semi-flare.

In The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide there is a sketch of what the writer imagined the gown to look like and official replicas of the Carolina Herrera design will be available after Breaking Dawn’s release date (November 18), according to TheImproper.com. The replicas will be sold in Alfred Angelo’s signature stores all over the U.S. and in select stores worldwide.

If you like Bella’s Hair Comb, you can purchase a replica at play.com after October 28, 2011 (Click Here). It’s a little over $35. It’s not a real quality piece but as close to the real thing as is available online at this time. You can get an amazing replica of Bella’s engagement ring online. It comes in white gold, gold, oval or circle-shaped (Click Here).



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