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I’m sure you’ve heard that in 2012 there will be two versions of Snow White hitting the theaters and both are sporting some heavy Hollywood names. It’s Julia Roberts vs. Charlize Theron. Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins. The question is . . . Mirror Mirror on the wall, which Snow White will rule them all?

From a costuming standpoint, both movies show a lot of promise. Mirror Mirror (coming to theaters March 16, 2012) is an explosion of vibrant colors and has the largeness of a theatrical production with its over-sized dresses, bright colors, and grand head pieces. I can’t get enough of Robert’s red dress with the white peacock feathers and accentuated bust-line. Eiko Ishioka (costume designer) must have had a really good time designing and building the courtiers in the ballroom scene. They have a great variety of shape and intricate headpiece detail.

Snow White and the Huntsman (coming to theaters June 1, 2012) is a little less bright as far as the costumes go (at least from what we can see of the costumes). The battle uniforms and dark colors immediately set a more serious feel. I’m hoping we get some good action from this version. What really gets me excited about the costumes of this show are that they are designed by my favorite costume designer, Colleen Atwood. The same Colleen Atwood who designed the recent Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. She never disappoints.

I’ve started a collection of movie shots and character posters here so you have some good reference pictures for Snow White. My guess is that when Halloween rolls around next year, there will be many versions of Snow White walking around. The good thing is, there will be many versions of her to choose from so you’ll be able to have a unique look and stand out from the crowd.

Find even more images here.


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