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Dear Carolina Herrera,

When I heard that you were going to be the designer of Bella Swan’s Wedding Gown in The Breaking Dawn Part 1, I squealed with delight (like this “Squeal!”).  You have a reputation for creating intricate and simple, yet stunning gowns and my expectations were high.

As an ecstatic-and-slightly-crazy fan, I found myself browsing through your Spring and Fall 2011 Bridal collection,celebrity wedding dresses, and all things Herrera to try and get a peek at your fashion fingerprint.

I know the pressure was high and I’m sure it was difficult to decide what design details to use for the gown that would definitely be the most talked about wedding gown all year. I mean, honestly, what other wedding dress could possibly have gotten more hype than “THE BREAKING DAWN GOWN OF THE CENTURY”?

I could hardly wait for my husband to get home Saturday night so we could hit the theater and finally get a peak. When I entered the theater, I sat in anticipation as I waited to see your finished design. I fully expected to gasp and feel all tingly when I saw it. Bella’s dress has been such a closely guarded secret, one could only expect the best, most beautiful piece of work!

Alas. . . I was sorely disappointed.

When the moment came and the gown was revealed, I did not gasp in awe. I did not find myself in envy of Kristen’s slender body. I did not feel like running my hands over the fabric. I did not feel the desire to get up close and personal with the dress to see how it was made or what fabric was used, like I have with so many other costumes.

The wedding dress seemed a little too big and hung awkwardly on Kristen’s form. She seemed like a little girl playing dress up in her mom’s old wedding dress. Totally not the feel that this moment in the series should have portrayed. Luckily the amazing wedding decor and hundreds of thousands of flowers reminded me that this was not a dress up party, but an actual wedding.

When I got the first full view of the front, my eyes went straight to Bella’s nipples. I know that is weird. And I am definitely not one to voluntarily go looking for that part of a woman, but there were 4 seams that all seemed to converge right at that point!! It was like big arrows pointing to her breasts or a giant target right on her boobs!

EEK! AWKWARD! I’m sorry, but since there was no other detail on the front of the gown to draw my eye away, that was were it went.

Needless to say, it was awkward and very uncomfortable.

I would love to know why, of all the places to put darts or decorative lines, you chose that spot? (BTW, this is not a problem on the cheaper version that is for sale at Alfred Angelo Stores.)

On a more positive note, the back of the gown wasn’t bad. The lace detail was pretty and I do love buttons. As a seamstress, I can tell that the gown is one that would be a hair-ripper, I would probably, literally, rip my hair out trying to re-create it. All those odd seams would be hard to fit, the lace detail would be difficult to piece together so it looked natural, and crepe satin is not a “nice” fabric. Not something I would want to tackle.

Anyway, As much talent and brilliance you have shown in other gown designs, I was disappointed with your interpretation of the Twilight wedding dress.

Just so you know, I’m not totally mad. I’m just a little disappointed. I was hoping that my inner-girly-wedding-dress-loving-crazy-fan-of-twilight-and-especially-the-wedding-part fantasies would be fulfilled, and they weren’t. Thank goodness she had an amazing ring and hairpiece so I had something to drool over.




A Disappointed Fan




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  1. Yes! Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way.

  2. I felt the same way! Loved the back. The front looked like a totally different dress and looked cheap. Why did u put seams over the boobs??

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