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hobbit fan spliceMeet the Twins, Sierra & Lauren! They attended The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opening night, as Galadriel and Frodo.

Sierra found a chiffon, long-trained wedding gown at a second hand store for $14 and purchased 2 chiffon curtains for $4 to make her sleeves and the front waist drape.


It took about 2 1/2 hours for her to make Galadriel’s headdress and ring out of jewelry wire. To get her pointed ears, she cut off the top half of some pre-made elf ears.

Lauren had a difficult time finding a short brown wig for her Frodo costume so she bought a long straight dark wig and then she and Sierra spent about 3 hours cutting and curling the wig. She added elf ears from an elf costume to the wig and used elmers glue to stick hair on her feet. The white button down shirt, brown pants, and overalls were purchased at a second hand store.

They attended The Hobbit with their older brother who went as Gollum. They had a blast and loved the movie!






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