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Fili and Kili

Fili and Kili are the sons of Thorin’s sister and heirs of Durin. Fili is the eldest brother by 5 years, but both are the youngest of the Dwarves in the company and often sent on scouting missions and hunting. They are inexperienced when it comes to warfare and real fights but they are eager and excited to be on the journey. Trained from a young age, Fili and Kili are skilled with their weapons. Fili fights with a pair of swords and Kili is a skilled bowsman.


Hooded Undershirt: Beneath his vest, Fili wears a purple lace-up shirt, long sleeve with a hood. He wears his arm bracers over the top of the shirt sleeves.

Long Leather Vest: Fili wears a maueve vest made out of leather and decorated with dwarf-style design.

Heavy Coat: While traveling, Fili dons a heavy coat trimmed with light brown/tan fur along the neckline and sleeve cuffs. It is about knee length and there is an embossed design around the hem and down the front.
Amazon has a couple different camel furs that look like the original costume. There’s a light version and a slightly darker version.

Pants: Long dark brown pants (velvet?) have a dwarf pattern etched into them.


Boots: Fili’s boots are hard leather and just below the knees. He keeps a pair of small axes strapped to each boot.

Plated belt: His belt worn over his leather vest is plated (lamellar style) and has a double buckle. To learn how to make lamellar armor go to this link.

Leather Arm Bracers: Fili’s arm bracers are hard leather with a soft leather on the hand for movement. On the top of his bracers he keeps small daggers. The bracers buckle around his forearm.

Weapons: Fili’s preferred weapons are two falchions (swords) which he keeps in a double scabbard worn on his back. One blade is pulled out from the top and the other from the bottom. Fili also carries a war hammer, daggers in his gauntlets, and ankle axes kept in his boots. GlobalGear.com sells replicas of Fili’s Sword and his War Hammer.

Hair/Beard: Fili’s mustache is braided down each side with a small metal band attached to the ends. He wears his hair half up in a small ponytail with two braids down each side of his head. Amazon has a blonde wig that could be styled into Fili’s look.


Blue Shirt: His long-sleeved, lace-up shirt is dark blue with a hood similar to Fili’s mauve shirt. It is made out of a homespun kind of fabric, rough and rugged.

Dark Blue Vest: This vest is as long as the leather jacket and is almost black. There is a very distinct gold trim down the front (see the pattern in the pictures). There is no trim or décor around the hemline.

Dark Brown Pants: are plain and long and tuck into his boots.

Leather Jacket: Kili wears a long, dark brown leather jacket over the rest of his clothes. The sleeves are only down to his elbows and there is a dwarf pattern around the sleeve hem as well as a black and white fur trim around the jacket hem and sleeves. Amazon has a good match for Fili’s fur trim. It’s sold in 6 yd increments and goes for $22.95 for all 6 yds.

Boots: Fili wears leather boots that touch his lower knee. It looks like a lighter piece of leather is wrapped around the boot top and buckled on the outside of the calf to hold it in place.

Belt: Skinny leather belt with a single buckle. It is studded with diamond shaped plating similar to the weapon sling that is draped across his chest.


Arm Vambracers: Fingerless leather gloves are made of soft leather. A harder leather exterior protects his forearms and buckles underneath his forearms. A diamond shaped pattern adorns the top of the vambracers.Gabriel with the Etsy shop Rassaku sells replicas of Kili’s vambracers.

Weapons: Kili is very skilled with a bow which he carries on his back with his sword. He also carries a knife slung on his left side by his hip which doubles as a saw. Rumor has it he also carries battle axes, but I don’t know where he keeps them. GlobalGear.com sells replicas of Kili’s Sword.

Hair/Beard: Kili wears his hair half up in a small ponytail. His beard and mustache are more like rough stubble. If you’re looking for Kili Wig possibilities then check out this one: Arda-Wigs.com.

Other Links for Fili & Kili:

The Making of Fili – One fan’s journey to duplicate this costume: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.263498600358283.69538.100000944360231&type=3

A fan’s version of Kili’s costume: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3102354451732.138826.1650331848&type=3

A fan’s version of Fili’s costume: http://sphotos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/255182_4668564566006_859746447_n.jpg

Details about Fili & Kili’s characters: http://thorinoakenshield.net/2012/12/18/in-defense-of-fili-kili-and-thorin-oakenshield-an-appreciation-beyond-hot-dwarves/

Replicas of Kili’s arm bracers are sold on Etsy at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/119035677/kili-bracers-hobbit-movie

Aidan Turner on Kili: http://www.empireonline.com/interviews/interview.asp?IID=1595

Dean O’Gorman on Fili: http://www.empireonline.com/interviews/interview.asp?IID=1600

If you know of other useful links that would help reconstruct Fili or Kili’s costumes please leave them in a comments below or email them too me and I will add them to this page!


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  1. To me it looks like Fili’s pants are made from a sort of nubuck or suede leather.

  2. Hallo! I am the Etsy seller who makes the bracers you linked — Kili’s are down for maintenance right now (having issues restocking some materials) but I finished Fili’s bracers!

  3. Thanks Arched Cory! I appreciate your feedback!!

  4. Hello!
    I am the author of that linked essay and feel honored that you used it, thanks. 🙂
    And thank you for this interesting summary, I am glad somebody finally made this! Just two things to point out: Tony Sejari is in fact a woman!
    And you have a typo way up there, where it should be “Durin”.
    Thanks again! 🙂

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