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Thorin Oakenshield is the direct descendant of Durin (royality) and next in line to be King. He is on a quest to reclaim his kingdom from the dragon Smaug. When Thorin was younger he used a piece of an oak tree as his shield, hence the name Oakenshield. Thorin wields a pair of battle-axes until he comes across an ancient, elvish sword in a cave during his journey. The sword is called “Orcist” which means “Goblin-Cleaver”. Click on any of the picture links to get a detailed/larger view.

Undershirt: Thorin wears an 18th century looking blue undershirt that is split down the center front to about the waist and then ties closed. To replicate it you can use the pattern found on this site or this site. If you want a tangible pattern to work with I would use Butterick B5008 which is a pirate/poet pattern.

Cloak: Thorin wears a sleeveless, black or dark blue leather cloak with heavy brown fur trim along the neckline down the front and around the hem. I found two kinds of fur that would work well for the cloak trim:
1) Raccoon fur blanket is a little more pricey but better looking
2) Shaggy Mongolian Faux fur is a bit more affordable

Tunic: Beneath the cloak and over his armor, Thorin wears a midnight blue tunic (almost black) with no sleeves. It seems to be made from a heavy velvet fabric. Around his waist, over the tunic, is a wide, ornate, belt and buckle made from a combination of leather and metal.

Thorins boots

Boots: Thorin wears heavy fur boots up to his mid-calves. They are laced with leather straps that buckle at the ankle. The boot tips are ornate and you can purchase great replicas from Rassaku on Etsy. For more on the boots visit: This Site

Armor: Thorin’s armor, ‘scale armor’ (also known as Brigandine armor), is made up of small metal pieces attached to a thick tunic underclothing layer (probably leather or suede) that protects him in battle. The scales are small diamond shapes that interlock. As a type of trim around the sleeve edges is a 6-sided diamond shape. For more info on Thorin’s armor visit: This Site or This Site
Oneal Rosero also has some great pictures on facebook of how he made the scales using sculpey. They turned out really nice.

Arm Bracers: Thorin’s Arm Bracers are fingerless leather gloves that come up to his mid forearm and buckle under his arm. Part of the Bracers looks stiff and hard, something that happens when you boil leather, but around his hands and palms the leather is softer and more pliable for movement.

Thorin Oakenshild armor & weapons

Weapons: Thorin carries a battle axe until he finds the elvish blade “Orcist” among the Troll’s treasures in a cave. Orcist is kept in a special sheath, straped to Thorin’s back. He also has great skill with a bow. He carries his arrows on his back with his sword.
Learn more about Thorin’s weapons at This Site
Buy a replica of Orcrist from GlogalGear.com.au for around $69.

Accessories: Among other things, Thorin wears a ring on his right middle finger. It is a blue stone inside a silver cage and represents Thorin’s royalty and destiny to retake the mountain from Smaug. He keeps the silver key of Erebor (key to enter the mountain)on a gold chain around his neck. Thorin has his Oakenshield attached to a leather strap hanging at his side. It attaches to his arm which he can use as a shield or club-like weapon.

Thorin's accessories

Hair/Beard: Thorin’s long brown hair (it is brown, not black) is streaked with grey and has two small braids down either side of the head. His mustache and beard are neatly trimmed.


Other Thorin Links:

Recommendations of what patterns to use or where to purchase costume pieces: http://www.squidoo.com/thorin-oakenshield-costume

Replicas of Thorin’s costume accessories that you can purchase or use as references: http://www.wetanz.com/home/WetaGlobalSearchForm?action_searchresults=&Search=thorin&_method=post

Replicas of Thorin’s arm bracers and boot caps can be bought on Etsy at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/119395389/thorin-oakenshield-bracers and http://www.etsy.com/listing/126818701/thorin-boot-caps-hobbit-movie-costume?

Richard Armitage on Thorin: http://www.empireonline.com/interviews/interview.asp?IID=1604

If you know of other useful links that would help reconstruct the Thorin costume please leave them in a comments below or email them too me!



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  1. Love your Thorin Fashion! And the renderings on your site are amazing! Can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

  2. Great blog post! It was very helpful for my project inspired by Thorin. Here is my version of the costume!

  3. boots look vary much close to the movie, most of all the toe caps.

  4. @Gabriel . . . The toe caps are awesome! Your work looks amazing. If you start making other costume props in the future then let me know. I’d be happy to post more about your work.

  5. Thank you so much for linking me in your guide! I’ve gotten quite a bit of traffic from your site, and it is much appreciated. 😀 So I just thought I’d mention that I made the toe caps on his boots too: http://rassaku.deviantart.com/art/Thorin-Boot-Caps-Hobbit-Movie-Costume-360251039

  6. Thanks for the link love! There is probably more about his clothing in the WETA Workshop book that appeared this fall, with the subtitle — Chronicle: Art & Design.

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