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bifur pictures

Played by William Kircher, Bifur’s most distinguishing feature is the orc axe imbedded in his forehead. Not of royal blood, Bifur is on this journey to find the orc that left his axe in his head. He is cousin to Bombur and Bofur and is not related to Thorin. Descendant of miners and smithies, Bifur is a peasant. He is a toy maker and he only speaks, Khuzdul, ancient dwarvish (because of the axe in his head).

Undershirt: Rusty brown shirt that is long-sleeved and ties up the front.

Long-Sleeved Jacket: Made from the same rusty brown color as his undershirt. There is a wide reddish trim down the center front and at least 2 bone toggle clasps that fasten the jacket shut. Around his shoulders is a wide collar that is woven in black and rusty yellow strips.

Belt: Wide leather belt with a large metal rectangle one prong buckle. He has a sword scabbard that hangs off his left hip.

Arm Vambracers: Match the Jacket yoke/collar in color and style but in hard leather.

Boots: Deep Forest brown leather boots are not lined in fur. They have almost no adornments or embellishments.

Weapons: Bifur carries a giant boar-spear that is over 2 meters long. He also carries a short sword (or a long knife?) on his hip on his belt. Imbedded in his head is the end of an orc axe which Bifur sometimes uses to head butt his enemies.

Hair/Beard: Bifur’s hair and beard look a little wild in black and white. His beard is longer than his hair but they blend together so that you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. His mustache is black and white and braided down each side. The center front part of his beard is also braided and tagged in a silver beard case.


Bofur pictures

Played by James Nesbitt, Bofur is Bombur’s brother and Bifur’s cousin. He is very talkative and musical. Bofur plays the flute and has a mining heritage. He carries the flute with him to entertain himself and the rest of the company.

Undershirt: Homespun mustard yellow shirt ties up the front and is long-sleeved.

Long-Sleeved Jacket: Brown mustard jacket has wide quilted cuffs that are a darker shade then the rest of the jacket.

Tunic Vest: Sleeveless vest has no ties down the front. It is heavily embossed and is made from a variety of heavy fabrics.

Pants: The pants are a shade of mustard and are heavily textured.

Fingerless Gloves, Scarf, and hat: Knit gloves have no fingers. Scarf is also knit and wraps around Bofur’s neck with the ends dangling down his chest. Bofur’s hat gives him a unique shape. Nordic hat made from soft suede and lined in Sherpa/lamb wool with wing flaps that stick out the sides.

Belt: Wide suede belt with a one prong belt buckle. He wears a leather bag off his right side.

Boots: Leather lined with fur. The fur sticks way out the top of the boot so that it look a little like his hat in shape.

Weapons: Bofur’s weapon of choice is a mattock also known as a mining pick. I’m not sure if he carries any other weapons.

Hair/Beard: His hair is braided like pippy long stocking and his beard also has a pippy long stocking look as it curls up and out.


bombur pictures

Played by Stephen Hunter, Bombur is the company cook and he carries a little pouch full of herbs . Bombur arms himself like a cook, with ladle, pots, pans, and a large roasting fork. He is Bofur’s brother and Bifur’s cousin. His distinguishing feature is his large red braid that hangs in a loop down to his gut (which he also uses as a weapon sometimes).

Undershirt: Made from a homespun fabric, the undershirt is a shade of olive green and is long-sleeved. It ties down the front.

Fitted Vest: Brown fitted vest is long and hangs open.

Pants: Bombur wears his pants high like a geek. They are held up by suspenders. His pants have a burlap feel and are a dark color. They tuck into his boots.

Boots: Boots are hard leather but the top has a knit leg warmer over the top.

Knit gloves: Gloves are knit out of a dirty brown homespun yarn. They are fingerless.

Weapons: He uses a large ladel and a butcher knife as his weapons. He also, on occasion, uses his hair braid to strangle his victims.

Hair/Beard: Bombur’s hair is bright red and is braided in a big loop from one ear down around his gut and up to the other ear. His mustache is very bushy and he wears bright turquoise hairgrips in his beard and hair which he uses to keep his hair out of his food

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