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Played by John Callen, Oin is 167 years old and a distant cousin of Thorin. As Gloin’s brother, Oin has a great deal of money invested in the company venture. He is hard of hearing and carries around a brass ear trumpet to help him hear. He is also the company healer and is a walking apothecary with a satchel full of various potions and herbs. It is rumored that Oin assisted at the birth of Gimli (his nephew).

Undershirt: Light Grey and long-sleeved. Oin has ties around the sleeves to keep the excess from falling down over his arms.

Tunic Vest: Made from a textured charcoal grey fabric, Oin’s tunic is sleeveless. There are 5, possibly 6, button pairs down the center front.

Pants: Dark grey or brown tuck into his boots.

Knit Gloves: Full fingered gloves made from a dark grey yarn.

Boots: Charcoal grey leather that is lined with fur. The fur top spills out the top and down the shins. A leather strap holds the boot tight to the leg.

Cape: Very long velvety grey cloak with a hood.

Ear Horn: Made of brass with a leather strap attached to one end for easy carrying

Weapons: Oin carries an iron-shod staff that is over 2 meters long. He also carries a short sword (or is it a long knife?).

Hair/Beard: Oin has a very bushy mane of grey and white hair. His beard is double braided and each braid curls to the side like reverse ram horns.


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Played by Peter Hambleton, Gloin is a distant cousin of Thorin and is Gimli’s father (from Lord of the Rings). Gloin is one of the few dwarves who are married and he carries a picture of his son and wife with him on the journey. He is very brave and outspoken and is the company’s spokesman and treasurer. As treasurer he carries an finely carved abacus with him. His special battle axe was passed down to him by his father, Groin, and will be passed on to his son Gimli.

Undershirt: Dark Red, long-sleeved homespun shirt ties up the front.

Short-sleeved Armor: I can’t find good pictures of Gloin’s armor but you can see the sleeves sticking out his vest. You can see that the sleeves are strips of leather put together lamellar armor-style against a blood red base and the sleeve trim is semi-diamond shaped metal pieces. Along with the armor, Gloin wears arm vambracers made from hard leather.

Sleeveless Jacket: Blood Red and velvety looking, the jacket is heavy duty and is put together in 3 layers, each layer has a wide trim around the hem.

Pants: In the pictures I’ve found you can only see a small portion of Gloin’s pants. They are dark and tuck into his boots.

Belt: Gloin’s belt is wide leather that matches closely his jacket. His belt buckle is metal and wide and looks like an anvil with double prongs.

Boots: Gloin’s boots are stocky like he is and they are not furry like some of the other dwarf boots. They lace down the front with a wide leather strap and buckle to the outside of the foot.

Weapon: Carries a long axe (later seen with his son, Gimli, in The Lord of the Rings)as well as a throwing axe. Both are similar in shape with a curved axe edge ending in a spike.

Hair/Beard: Like Oin, Gloin has a massive mane of coarse red hair. His beard and hair seem to blend together so that you can hardly tell where one begins or ends. Parts of his beard are held together by silver beard bands (a total of 18).

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