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Ori, played by Adam Brown, is the younger brother of Nori and Dori. He loves to draw and write in his journal and he has never travelled up until this quest. Ori is the company scribe and he dresses like he is not ready for a fight which makes sense since he hasn’t ever been in a fight. His woven scarf, mittens, and cap are some of his distinguishing clothing features. Ori is one of the dwarves mentioned in The Fellowship of the Ring when the company finds his bones clutching the Book of Mazarbul in the Misty Mountains.

Undershirt: Light-lilac, long-sleeved undershirt. Has a mandarin like front where the right side crosses over the left in an a-symmetrical way and then has toggle clasps that keep it closed. Made from a homespun-looking fabric.

Knitted Sweater Vest: Ori’s homemade sweater vest matches his mittens and scarf. It fastens up the front with wooden 4 point star buttons.

Scarf, Mittens: The mittens are knitted without fingers and the scarf is also light-lilac with a slightly different shade knitted around the edges.

Lilac Jacket: Long-sleeved and made from a coarse fabric, Ori’s Jacket has toggle clasps that close the front.

Belt: Ori’s belt is also a carrying shade of lilac and is made from heavy fabric (as opposed to leather belts that are worn by almost every other dwarf). He wears his belt at a slant around his waist with his knife scabbard on the left side. The buckle is open and has one prong.


Pants: A dark shade of lilac, Ori’s pants tuck into his boots and are made from a rough homespun fabric.

Boots: Made from hard leather bottoms, but the top is a heavy duty fabric like his belt.
Accessories: Slung across his chest and over one shoulder is Ori’s leather satchel where he keeps his journal and writing utensils.

Weapons: Ori is not a walking porcupine like Fili. He carries only his Slingshot (also called a catapult) and a small knife on his belt.

Hair/Beard: Hair is cut in an uneven bowl (monk) style. There are several long braids down the sides of his face and his beard is whispy with a short braids on each side of his beard. His mustache is a little comical looking as it is cut short and small.



Played by Jed Brophy, Nori wears mostly shades of grey. He is the middle brother between Dori and Ori. He is described as being crafty and evasive and a thief. He has lived a nomadic life and is great at hunting and foraging. Nori knows how to fight and carries a wide array of weaponry.

Undershirt: Light grey, long-sleeved undershirt ties up the front.

Jacket: Nori’s jacket looks like a very worn down light blue/grey velvet. It is long-sleeved and he wears it under his vest tunic.

Vest Tunic: He wears a short-sleeved tunic over the top of his jacket. That is pieced together with several different kinds of fabric. This vest fastens up the front with metal fasteners.

Arm Vambracers: Made from hard leather that is woven together. They protect his forearms and also the tops of his hands (no fingers).

Belt: Belt has a double buckle. On his left side are two small, one-prong silver buckles. His long knife scabbard is attached to his belt and worn just behind his hip so if he were to reach behind him with his left hand, he’d easily grasp it.

dori, nori, ori

Pants: Pants are dark grey (almost brown looking) and tuck into his boots.

Boots: Boot toes point upward but not as much as Balin. They are made of a soft grey/blue leather that is lined with fur (looks like Sherpa or lambs wool).

Weapons: Nori carries a long knife on his belt just behind his left hip. He carries a long staff (also called his Mace) which could bludgeon someone to death with one end and impale another with the other end. Nori also carries various daggers. In one picture it looks like he has daggers in his boots but I’ve not been able to verify that.

Hair/Beard: Nori has the most distinct hair shape of the company with his three point Mohawk and braids that start at his eyebrows and have grown right over his head. He also has a braid that goes right over the middle Mohawk. His mustache is braided right into his beard which is divided into 3 large braid points. At the end of each beard braid is a silver beard casing.



Played by Mark Hadlow, Dori wears shades of mulberry. He prefers fine clothing and food which explains why he dresses to the hilt in the finest cloth. Elder brother to Ori and Nori, Dori feels a heavy responsibility to care for his younger brothers (mostly Ori).

Undershirt: Long-sleeved and a light shade of purple, Dori’s undershirt ties up the front.

Long-Sleeve Vest: Vertical ribs sewn down the sleeves and the body of the vest is made from a wide vertical stripe patterned material.

Long Jacket: Has short sleeves of velvet and a wide collar (or is it a yoke?) that hangs slightly over his shoulder cap. Laces up the center front collar/yoke with a black strap.

Arm Vambracers: Hard leather covers the tops of his forearms and hands and buckles under his forearms with 2 buckles.

Belt: Wide leather belt has a large rectangle belt buckle that has a cross through the middle (a big X).

Boots: Made from a softer leather, Dori’s boots are not lined with fur.

Weapons: Dori’s weapon of choice are his Bolas (3 chains with spiked balls attached to the ends) that he keeps tucked into his belt on the ride side. He also carries a small strike sword (known as a falchion) in a scabbard attached to his belt.

Hair/Beard: Dori’s hair and beard are intricately braided in one long braid that apparently represents his status and age. The end of his intricate braiding is tucked into a silver braid case. His bears and mustache are neatly combed and a braid down the middle of his beard ends in a finely engraved silver beard case.

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