Costume Tutorials — 16 March 2013

Metal Armor & Chain Mail Tutorials


David Guyton (Fantasy Author) has a brass gauntlet tutorial. You can also use it to make a steel gauntlet. He sells the pattern for $4.99 on his site. There is a link below the video.

How to Make a Full Chain Mail shirt from simple wire. Very easy to follow instructions. Also shows how to make your own rings if you prefer.

Tutorial to make chain mail armor from pop tabs.

Brigandine Armor Tutorials


Intense Brigandine Armor tutorial! Pictures are great and there a lot of pieces. Made from steel plates and sailcloth.

Tutorial for a Leather Brigandine Breastplate. Teaches the basics of building your armor that you can use to make other leather pieces.

This Brigandine Armor tutorial is designed for a person that is 5’10” and has a 42″ chest. The instructions are very detailed so if you know how to resize the pattern then this could be a great tutorial.

How to make a Brigandine Cuisse (thigh armor) using Denim. Tutorial is about 30 minutes long.

Lamellar Armor Tutorials


Video tutorial on how to make a lamellar armor top with steel. There are three parts to this video and I link you to part 1.

Armor Archive talks about the basic tools and material options for creating your lamellar armor and goes into detail on how to lace your armor.

Tutorial to make leather lamellar armor used for heavy combat. It is a time consuming project but it is not difficult to make.

Foam & Other Material Armor Tutorials

craft foam

Craft Foam Armor Tutorial provides a cheap and lightweight armor option. This tutorial specifically shows how to make a Helm’s Deep Elf armor suit from Lord of the Rings.

EVA foam is a popular choice for making armor. Get some help at EVAkura and learn how to add texture to your foam armor and how to reinforce the internal seams for a heavier duty hold.

Creating Costume Armor with WonderFlex. It’s a strong, durable material. There are lots of notes with this tutorial.

Non-Combat Costume Armor out of styrene & craft foam, this tutorial is a little more complex but very detailed.

Indy Mogul show you how to use foam and a heat gun to create sci-fi armor in this video tutorial. THe materials are cheap and the look is very realistic and after painting it even looks metal.

Leather Armor Tutorials


Water-Hardened Leather Armor: This tutorial guides you through the process of hardening leather with boiling water. It starts you out with a simple leather project and then gives tips and tricks to make more difficult armor pieces.

Tutorial to make sexy leather armor. Love the bright blue paint chosen for this particular set. There are great pictures and instructions.


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