Movie Costumes — 20 June 2013

There are lots of talented designers that have created pepakura files for many of the Iron Man suits. The problem is, the files are scattered all over the web. This post is an attempt to make it easy to find those files. So here it is,
Each Suit and where to get it.

Pieces of Several Iron Man Suits

These sources have a mixture of Iron Man Suit Pepakura Files:


Iron Man I

Mark 1


Mark 2 & 3 are the same except for the paint job.

You can also see a visual of the MKIII by Dancin_Foolhere.

Iron Monger – Still Looking for Pep files


Iron Man 2

Mark 4 & 6 are the same except for the chest piece.


Mark 5 – Still Looking for Pep files


War Machine



Mark 7


Iron Man 3

Mark 8
    Helagak shares where you can get the Mk 8 pep files


Mark 17 – Still Looking for Pep files


Mark 30
    Extremis is not in Iron Man 3 but there is a pep file for it. EyeofSauron has the files for this sleek armor.


Mark 33


Mark 34 – Still Looking for Pep files
Mark 35 – Still Looking for Pep files
Mark 38 – Still Looking for Pep files


Mark 39


Mark 40


Mark 42


Iron Patriot (See War Machine)

As you can see, there are still some armor that don’t yet have pep files. Please leave a comment or email me if you find the pep files for any of these iron man suits!


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  1. Thanks Blackbm! I contacted Dancin_Fool and changed the credit!

  2. The mark 3 files you have there by petr J actually belong to a guy on the RPF forum called Dancin_Fool. You might want to take petr J’s name off them and give credit where credit is rightfully due. I just finished the pep build using this MKIII file. Its the best out there.

  3. Thanks for sharing your files! I’ll add them to my ongoing list as they’re available.

  4. Hi!
    I have a helmet file for Mark 17. It’s still wip, but I’m working on the other parts of the suit, so be sure to check out the page below for updates:

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