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I have yet to see more convincing zombies than the ones on The Walking Dead. They are gruesome, disgusting, individual and totally believable! So the question has to be asked, what is it that makes these zombies so good?

In my opinion it’s the character they create with each zombie. Each one is different and has a story that is told through the rotting flesh, the placement of tears, the discoloration. There seems to be purpose to the blood and gore and not just gore for the sake of it.

AMCTV gives 8 make-up tips on creating a Walking Dead Zombie including how to rot and tear the flesh. There is also a shopping list of what you need to create a convincing zombie.
In addition to the shopping list and tips, Greg Nicotero (Special EFX Makeup for The Walking Dead) shows you how to make a zombie in a special video clip.

zombie walking dead 1


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