Costume Tutorials Movie Costumes — 22 October 2013

talese avatar makeup

My friend posted her Avatar Makeup job on her facebook wall and I thought it was so well done that I just had to know how she did it. These are her tips!

Q: Which character from Avatar are you?
A: I don’t know yet lol Just “an avatar”
Q: Why did you choose Avatar?
A: I work as a waitress, and last year on Halloween everyone dressed up, so this year I figured I might as well be the coolest costume wearer.
Q: Where did you get your makeup and costume?
A: I googled costume ideas and stumbled upon this tutorial (from dope2111).
Q: To be Na’vi requires a lot of blue makeup, was it difficult to apply? Was it difficult to remove?
A: The first time i attempted it I used a cream base and it was a lot easier to put on and remove. But any type of sweating, it will rub off. So I tried a different kind, looks just like ordinary Halloween makeup, its thicker but stays on better and is a lot tougher to get off. But i ended up mixing both the regular and the cream base and they worked great.
Q: Did you use any special techniques to apply it?
A: I put a layer of foundation on first, then applied the paint. And I used a mixture of white and blue Halloween paint.
Q: Do you have any advice for others wanting to be Na’vi?
A: Follow the tutorial and do the best you can good luck!


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