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In Honor of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 I’ve put together a list of the hottest food-related costume tutorials online.


1. Box of Popcorn – This tasty box of popcorn tutorial is not only creative and interesting, it’s also edible…at least part of it is edible. Fill your box with real popcorn and you’ll be a walking goodie bag fro friends and neighbors.

2. Ice-Cream Cone Kid – Involves some sewing, but the end product is cute and fun. You could even change up the ice-cream flavors to reflect your favorites. I would love a peanut butter fudge brownie cone please!

3. Sushi Hats – Super yummy, easy Sushi! If you need a family or group costume, make different sushi headpieces! This tutorial will get you started with a Shrimp Sushi hat. If you want more you may have to get creative but the photo helps.

4. Ham & Cheese Sandwich – White bread, Complete with pickle! Using foam and pipe cleaners, you can make a pretty convincing sandwich. You could even change it up and make on Wheat or pumpernickel.

5. Cupcake Lampshade or Laundry Basket – Use a lampshade and fabric or a laundry basket and poster board to create a sexy cupcake costume that you can wear solo or make a group costume out of it.


6. Strawberry Fairy – I love tutorials that include a list of materials and approximate costs. Pottery Barn Kids has a great costume for a Strawberry fairy. With some creativity, you could turn it into an adult version that would be super fun at a costume party.

7. Cotton Candy Mini – Another Crafty Day shows you how to make a cute mini dress using a pillowcase and tulle to make a cute cotton candy queen. Not super difficult if you have some experience with a sewing machine:)

8. Taco Sauce Packets for Him or Her – Do you like your Tacos Mild, Hot or On Fire? Grab a few friends and turn yourselves into Taco Sauce packets! Super easy and fast costumes that are unique and will definitely get attention.

9. Burger Bag – Another sewing tutorial to make a super fun, velvety, touchy-feely burger adult costume. Along with the tutorial is the list of materials and how to make your pattern.


10. Cherry Pie Costume – Create a pie costume in 1 hour out of cardboard, felt, and duck tape. Change up the pie felt color to make your favorite pie:)


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  1. Your burger is brilliant! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  2. Great post! Thanks for the mention! The burger costume was super fun to make 🙂

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