Costume Tutorials — 16 April 2015

Original Field Uniform

Original Captain America Uniform

Top Right: Even though the picture is of just the Shield, don’t be fooled, this RPF thread share tips and tricks for the entire costume and I highly recommend you begin your research and build here.

Left: If you want to know where you can get WWII gear to build your Captain America Field Uniform than check out this RPF thread. The pieces are pricey but boy do they look authentic.

Bottom Right: Make the original Captain America Shield out of Plexiglas with the help of this great picture-filled tutorial by Lux-Laterna.

SSR Uniform

TKbearcrew captain america

Full tutorial for TFA costume at This guy has laid out in detail all the parts and pieces that go into this uniform and it involves a little bit of everything…from sculpting to sewing to sanding.

The Avengers Uniform

3 captain america collage

Left: Not a Tutorial, but still worth looking over, Mr.Spider shares some very good information about each piece of the Captain America Avengers Suit so you have an idea of the materials you’ll need for your costume and the details you want to know about before beginning your build.

Right: Boot Covers Tutorial for the Avengers bright red boots. The tutorial is free and awesome. There is a $5 charge if you want the template! I recommend getting the template. $5 is a small price to pay to not have to reinvent the wheel.

Stealth Strike Suit

4 Stealth Strike collage

Left: SMPDesigns shares how he made the Stealth Strike Suit for a client. Lots of sewing involved in this one but if you don’t mind working with a machine you’ll get a suit that looks and fits you with this tutorial.

Right: From Research pictures to finished product, this tutorial even has a list of all the materials you’ll need to make your own Captain America Stealth Strike Suit from The Winter Soldier.

Jr. Captain America for Children

jr captain america collage

Turn your child into Captain America with a super easy Tutorial with affordable materials by ChristineTrevino (left) or The ScrapShoppeBlog (right).


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