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captain america evolution1

Original Field & SSR Field Uniform

(As seen in Captain America The First Avenger)

Captain America goes through three costumes in the The First Avenger. He starts out in the USO Spandex Blue, Red and White outfit that he wears to boost morale and increase troop support, like an entertainer. When he joins the battle, he borrows an “A” hat from one of the dancers and puts on a brown leather combat jacket, pants, and boots (referred to as his Original Field Uniform).

The final suit that Captain America wears in The First Avengers is called the “Strategic Scientific Reserve Field Uniform” or “SSR Field Uniform”. This suit is the one designed and made by Howard Stark with the iconic shield and my personal favorite of all the suits.

1 captain america brown back small

1 captain america brown close up small

1 captain brown front small

1 captain america front small

1 captain america  front & backsmall

1 captain america back small

The Avengers Uniform

(As seen in The Avengers)

The Captain America Avengers Uniform has an “old-fashioned” feel to it and is the design child of Phil Coulson (may he rest in peace…). It is made from Nomex and Kevlar which is what is used to make firefighter uniforms.

2 captain america front small

2 captain america back small

Stealth Strike Suit

(As seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The Stealth Strike Suit is a navy blue with Silver star uniform given by S.H.I.E.L.D. for secret missions. It has a touch of brown leather in the shield harness, utility belt and fingerless gloves which you can’t forget when creating your own.

3 captain america front small

3 captain america front detail small


The Avengers: Age of Ultron Uniform


The Age of Ultron suit seems to be a combo between the Stealth Strike Suite and the SSR Field Uniform. Navy Blue with Silver stars and streaks of red.

4 captain america  front small

4 captain america full front toy small

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