Costume Tutorials — 29 April 2015

Black Widow Costume Tutorials – Natasha Romanoff


black widow costume tutorial – If you’re looking for a quick, cheap Black Widow costume that you can put together than check out this styling tutorial.

MrsBane from RPF – With a spandex base custom built to her measurements (bought from, MrsBane shares her first ever attempt at creating the Black Widow costume.

Fetts.Sobriquet from RPF – Shares where and how to make the Age of Ultron version of Black Widow including how to add LED lights to the costume accessories. Includes 3D files so you can make your own.

The Stylish Youtube – Has a DIY Black Widow costume tutorial using easy to find materials.

Jumpsuits for Black Widow


catsuit – Black Lycra Spandex Catsuit for $37.00 – Send your measurements and they will make it to fit.

Amazon – Sells a theatrical costume version of Black Widow that you could use as a base and then make your accessories so they are better for cosplay.

Avengers Shoulder Patches


avengers patches

ShopBikeGear – $3.99 for 2-3.5 inch patches

ShopBikeGear – also has velcro patches you can buy for $7.99 for 2-3.5 inch patches

Black Widow Belt Buckle & Bullet Wristbands



PerfectTommyAutomail (Etsy Seller)- Belt Buckle made from bead-blasted aluminum plate – $34.00

KorovCreations (Etsy Seller) – 3D Printed Belt Buckle from PLA plastic – $20-$25 – Has a tutorial for the Black Widow wristbands (aka Widow Bites) using a fake bandolier bullet belt.

GCFX (Etsy Seller) – Buy Bullet wristbands and belt buckle, unpainted for $75

Black Widow Weapon Resources


black widow guns

OnDutyGear – Sells a Weighted Glock 26 for $65.00

Airsplat – Has an airsoft pistol that could work for Black Widow and it’s a cheaper option.

If you want to add a resource or tutorial to this list please comment below or shoot me a message and I will add it!


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