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Thor Chest Armor

RPF DinoFiend Thor

DinoFiend from the RPF – Shares some great information on making the Thor costume from EVA foam and where to get your Mjölnir plans for the hammer.

BananaHammock – Gives great detail and pictures of his process making the full Thor costume, chest armor and all.

EntropyHouse – Has a very popular Craft Foam Armor Tutorial that can be used to make the Thor Chest armor.

Archie Kittencat – Has a YouTube tutorial for the Thor Chest Armor using EVA foam.
There is also one for the Thor Vambracers.

RuleOctoberCosplay – Has a Chest armor diagram to help you layout your design.

Thor Hammer Tutorials

stormthecastle hammer

StormtheCastle.com – Thor hammer out of foam and a broom stick. Easy enough:)

PSIcorp7 – Refashions a cheap Thor hammer (picked up for $10) into a cosplay-worthy weapon.

ScannerJoe – Shares pepakura file for the Hammer. Great if you don’t want to make your own pepakura file or if you just want the Mjolnir detail.

Thor Sleeve Tutorials

fallenwithstyle thor

FallenWithStyle.Tumblr.com – Sew a Shirt with Thor Sleeves made from Metallic Spandex, Fabric-back foam, and knit lining.

scalemail thor

TheRingLord – Great place to get supplies and video tutorials on using Scalemail if you want to make your sleeves this way. I’ve been told scalemail is not comfortable but is closer to the real costume than anything else.

Muscle Suit Tutorial

glayish muscle suit

Glayish.Tumblr.com – Create your own Hunky Thor muscle suit (or a muscle suite for ANY superhero) with this great Tutorial.

Lady Thor Costume Tutorial

glitzygeekgirl thor

GlitzyGeekGirl – Shares how she made her Thor costume based on the Comic design.

Lady Sif Costume Tutorial

hildrhein lady sif

Hildrhien – Shares her process for making Lady Sif which turnes out amazing.


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