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The Batman mask (also called a Cowl) could possibly be the most important and difficult part of the batman suit to build and depending on how much time and money you have will determine what methods you use to procure a batman mask. In your quest to build your own Batman cowl, here are some tutorials to check out.

Leather Batman Cowl

joshspiderman batman cowl

Joshspiderman238 – Leather Rockabilly Batman Mask. Made a scotch tape version of his head to use as a pattern and mold to create this fine looking Batman Cowl.

Sculpting & Latex Versions

arkham batman cowl latex

All of These Videos – Custom latex mask from scratch including how to make a plaster cast of your head, making a mold, and dealing with latex. Great tutorial!

Acylum – Batman mask tutorial on how to sculpt your cowl and then make it by vacuforming craft foam and fabric.

Instructables – Step by step Arkham Batman Cowl from latex.

Unusual Methods for Creating a Batman Mask

Seamster – Batman cowl from duct tape. Not my favorite method but it’s cheap, easy, and fast.

Dali DIY – Sizing your foam pepakura model down for a cardboard Batman cowl. Video tutorial making the Batman Dark Knight mask using pepakura and cardboard.
Dali DIY Blog also has a blog where you can download the files you need for the cardboard cowl.

Jessner Abing – Video tutorial of how to make a batman mask from paper mache. If you want a cheap, easy, and fast batman mask build method, this is your friend.


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