Costume Tutorials — 12 May 2015

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Adventures of an Elven Princess – Probably the most thorough tutorial available on Tauriel.

AlleyCatScratch – Has a great step by step on how to create a rolled collar that you could use to make Tauriel’s rolled collar tunic.

OneDelightfulDay – How to make craft foam armor. This one is not Tauriel specific but is easy, cheap and looks good.

Tauriel Dress Patterns

Simplicity 1347 – You’ll have to modify it to get a good replication.


Emerald Suede

Hunter Burlap

Light Brown Upholstery Leather

Tauriel Boots & Boot Covers

tauriel boots

Valdrein Tutorial- How to make boot covers from pleather.

Brinley Knee High Stretch Boots

Top Moda Riding Boots

Brinley Refular Wide Knee High Boots

Qupid Proud Cuff Boots

Tauriel Vambracers

2akakage2 – Made the vambracers from EVA foam, brown vinyl and used gold thread to sew the elven designs.

Tauriel Necklace


There are several places to get a necklace. I just love Etsy so that’s where I suggest starting your search however I’ve seen necklaces on Ebay that are cheaper.

Etsy – SvevaShop

18 inch White Gold Plated 18K with Cubic Zirconia

18 inch Alloy Pendant with Crystal

20 inch Silver plated metal with Crystal

Tauriel Weapons

tauriel weapons image

2akakage2 – Shares how to make Tauriel’s Elven Bow using PVC pipe and craft foam.

Nekonamicosplay – Makes Tauriel’s Quiver using craft foam and vinyl. Lots of good photos.

Backyard Bowyer – Has a video on how to make an elven inspired horsebow that you could actually use to shoot arrows.

StormtheCastle – How to make Tauriel’s elven knives from foamboard.

Tricksterredux – Makes Tauriel daggers from Elmers foam board and papermache.

Tauriel Wigs

tauriel wig

Amazon - If you want to buy an already styled wig.

Elf Ears

elf ears

Aradanicostumes – Sells a good elf ear tip. If small doesn’t suit you than look at some of their other options.

Tauriel Hair & Makeup Tutorials



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