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Adventures of an Elven Princess – Probably the most thorough tutorial available on Tauriel.

AlleyCatScratch – Has a great step by step on how to create a rolled collar that you could use to make Tauriel’s rolled collar tunic.

OneDelightfulDay – How to make craft foam armor. This one is not Tauriel specific but is easy, cheap and looks good.

Tauriel Dress Patterns

Simplicity 1347 – You’ll have to modify it to get a good replication.


Emerald Suede

Hunter Burlap

Light Brown Upholstery Leather

Tauriel Boots & Boot Covers

tauriel boots

Valdrein Tutorial– How to make boot covers from pleather.

Brinley Knee High Stretch Boots

Top Moda Riding Boots

Brinley Refular Wide Knee High Boots

Qupid Proud Cuff Boots

Tauriel Vambracers

2akakage2 – Made the vambracers from EVA foam, brown vinyl and used gold thread to sew the elven designs.

Tauriel Necklace


There are several places to get a necklace. I just love Etsy so that’s where I suggest starting your search however I’ve seen necklaces on Ebay that are cheaper.

Etsy – SvevaShop

18 inch White Gold Plated 18K with Cubic Zirconia

18 inch Alloy Pendant with Crystal

20 inch Silver plated metal with Crystal

Tauriel Weapons

tauriel weapons image

2akakage2 – Shares how to make Tauriel’s Elven Bow using PVC pipe and craft foam.

Nekonamicosplay – Makes Tauriel’s Quiver using craft foam and vinyl. Lots of good photos.

Backyard Bowyer – Has a video on how to make an elven inspired horsebow that you could actually use to shoot arrows.

StormtheCastle – How to make Tauriel’s elven knives from foamboard.

Tricksterredux – Makes Tauriel daggers from Elmers foam board and papermache.

Tauriel Wigs

tauriel wig

Amazon – If you want to buy an already styled wig.

Elf Ears

elf ears

Aradanicostumes – Sells a good elf ear tip. If small doesn’t suit you than look at some of their other options.

Tauriel Hair & Makeup Tutorials



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