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Disney’s Inside Out is coming soon and cosplayers are already recreating the cartoon costumes. Since each character is unique and has a different style, color, and personality, I have put together costume resources for each character in the hopes that it gives you a place to start while creating your Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Fear, or Anger character costume.


joy pattern small



    Play With Hair – Short Electric Blue Wig would be PERFECT for Joy’s blue hair if you want a wig.

    Etsy Seller – Kasouscosplaywigshop – Had a blue cosplay wig that is much cheaper but is also a good color for Joy’s hair.

    Amazon – SureWells – Also has a short blue lace-front wig that you could use. Check out all three wig options and see what will work with your budget and fills your costume needs.


Summer Dress


    Amazon – Cutter & Buck – Has a beautiful yellow knit day dress that fits the basic Joy costume needs.

    Joann – You may also consider making your own day dress with this pattern in a bright yellow cotton or linen fabric and then painting the blue flowers onto the dress directly. Check out the Fabric painting tutorials under “Disgust”.



disgust small


After you choose a wig, style it and then spray it with a green glitter hairspray which you can get at claire’s, spirit halloween, or just about any hair supply place.

    Ebay Seller – Anvalee – 13″ dark green wig with sweep bangs seems to be a good option for Disgust’s hair.

    Ebay Seller – CosplayAnimeWig – Green heat style-able wig with a bob. Has great vibrant color.

    Play With Hair – Sepia Synthetic wig with a short cut has great color and is styled with heat. You may need to add the sweep bangs.


False Eyelashes

Now of course you have to have the long eyelashes to have a proper Disgust costume so here are some resources.

    AliExpress – Moonstory – Hit the green feathers with some glitter hairspray BEFORE YOU PUT THEM ON.

    Yandy – If your Disgust cosstume is more of a blue green then you may prefer these lashes.



I think the best way to recreate Disgust’s costume dress is to make it. I would get a 50’s style dress pattern,cut your dress from a solid cotton fabric and paint the bright design featured on Disgust’s dress right onto the fabric. Here are some pattern suggestions, although you can also go to a fabric store and find one in their pattern books.



Color is everything. You need to get a green that doesn’t clash with your wig and eyelashes and since wigs and eyelashes are more difficult to find in the color you want, I would buy those first and then shop fabric.


Green Leggings



How to Hand Paint Fabric:


    PixieKitty – Cosplay Specific! Has great techniques and tips for painting patterns on fabric.

    Craftsy – Goes through several different painting mediums for fabric. You can choose which one you think you’d like best.

Click on the image below to see a closeup of the pattern on Disgust’s dress.

disgust pattern small


sadness small


Google ‘White Turtleneck Sweaters’ and you’ll come up with a ton of options for your Sadness costume! Or try one of these

    Nautica – Chunky Turtleneck Sweater for about $30


Blue Leggings

I suggest these in Bright Cobalt or Royal or or you can use blue skinny jeans and also look awesome:



Pick up your jumbo round glasses from one of these places or a thrift store and paint them purpley blue color.

    ShopZeroUV – has a pair that looks chic but the frames are not super thick like Sadness. Still an awesome find if you don’t mind straying from the character just a bit.



anger small 2


You’re looking for Purple (also called Merlot) wool dress pants. You could also get away with corduroy. The main point is to find something with texture.

Dress Shirt & Tie

You can find a White collared dress shirt, brown belt and a red or gray tie that you can paint on at almost any thrift store (think Goodwill/Deseret Industries for a bigger selection).


fear small 2

Sweater Vest

The pattern of his sweater vest is called Houndstooth, so you’re looking for a black and white men’s houndstooth sweater vest.
I’d say get this one but it’s almost $50 on sale!

If you find something more reasonably priced then please share the resource!

Dress Shirt

Get a white collared or blue stripe dress shirt that is too short. I’d start looking at a thrift store for this one. You can also shrink a dress shirt by putting it in the dryer on high heat. Don’t go too long though, or you won’t be able to wear it at all.


I would get a boys bowtie so it looks small and makes your head appear bigger (just like Fear). It’s possible that you’ll have to lengthen a small bowtie to fit around your neck, but that shouldn’t be very difficult. If you don’t know how to sew, then just safety pin it underneath your dress shirt collar.



Blue corduroy pants are best for Fear but you could also use Blue dress pants.
Use black dress shoes you can find them at most second hand stores and give them a good shine and buff.



Since all the Inside Out characters are different colors (except Joy), You’ll need to know how to paint yourself the color of your Inside Out Character. Here are some tutorials to help:

    BlueBuddies – It’s a tutorial to become a smurf but it applies to this case as well.


Makeup Products



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