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Tinkerbell Wig


tinkerbell wig

If you are a DIY kind of person like myself then you may want to find a shot blonde wig to be your base. Get a styrofoam ball about the size of Tink’s bun and cover it in the same color hair fibers as your base wig. Attach the styrofoam bun to the short wig with a comb or hair pins. Super simple.

Vampirate777 – How to style a tinkerbell wig in 8 simple steps.

To Buy:
SweetsforaSweet – Etsy Seller – Custom made wig that is high quality, removable bun, needs 3-5 weeks for order.

JustOneStep – Etsy Seller – Custom made Tink wig that is very reasonable priced. Needs 6-8 weeks, so it’s not for those who need a wig quickly. You can also order the wig with glittery tink shoes:) Click HERE.

LadyMallemour – Etsy Seller – This one is an EVA foam wig (which I think has a really neat cartoon effect for a cosplay character).

Tinkerbell Dress


tinkerbell dress

Angelphie – Cosplay Island – Shares how she made her tinkerbell costume from a crushed velveteen and painted on leaf veins. Great tips.

For Purchase:
RedstarCosplay – Etsy Seller – This is closer to the original Tink dress. Comes in glittery green or plain satin.

Tinkerbell Costume Wings


tinkerbell wings

DamianRules – Make your own Tinkerbell wings from cellophane, hanger wire and glitter.

Flying-Fox – Tinkerbell wing tutorial using different wire gauge and fantasy film sheets.

To Buy:
HelloFaerie – Etsy Seller – Makes a glow in the dark fairy wing.

GhostBanana – Etsy Seller – Beautiful pair of Tinkerbell wings.

Tinkerbell Shoes


tinkerbell shoes

OnceUponaDIY – Etsy Seller – Green Tink Glitter Shoes in sizes from US4-US12.5


Pixie Dust


pixie dust

Frugaledmontonmama – Make your own pixie dust in any color you want with this tutorial.

FirePixieFashion – Shares how to make glowing pixie dust bags (bottles). Such a neat accessory and effect for a Tinkerbell costume.


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