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angry birds Costume

For Halloween this year my 3 year old son wanted an Angry Birds Costume Theme.
He is absolutely addicted to the game! So much so that we have to use a code name (“Disgruntled Poultry”) whenever we talk about it because if he hears even the mention of “Angry Birds” he’ll pester me about it ALL DAY!

Our Angry Birds costume party started as 1 pig, and 2 birds but then the cousins wanted to get in on it so now we have 2 pigs, and 5 birds. It’s going to be the biggest flock of Angry birds kids in costume ever! I can’t wait to show them all off at the Trunk or Treat this month!

The costumes turned out so amazing and the kids love them! I snapped some quick pictures of the kids so you can see them but I will post ALL the costumes as soon as I can get everyone together.
In the meantime, Here is the tutorial so you can make them yourself:)

1. Measure from the nape of the neck to the top of the knee. This is the diameter of the circles you will need to cut from the felt. Cut 2 circles from felt and 2 from some kind of scrap fabric (I used an old sheet).

HOOD NOTE: If you want a hood on your bird then take the hood pattern from ShwinandShwin or use hood pieces from some other pattern you have lying around. You won’t be lining this hood so you only need to cut one hood from the felt.

YELLOW BIRD NOTE: You are cutting out a rounded triangle shape instead of a circle. Use your nape to knee measurement to get the triangle height and then free hand the triangle shape as best you can. You can cut it from paper or scrap fabric if you want to make sure you have the size right.

2. Lay all your circles on top of each other. Lay one of your t-shirts on top of the circles. Mark the neckline and the armholes on the top layer. Cut the neckline then cut the armholes slightly deeper than your marks.

Angry Bird Costume

3. Lay the felt circles right sides together and sew across the shoulders. Do the same with the backings.

BOOMERANG BIRD NOTE: Cut 2 of the beak from felt and 1 from quilt batting. Glue the beak pieces to a black felt background then put them right sides together with the batting on the bottom. Sew them together trim the batting and turn it right side out. Top stitch the beak to the bird before you sew the felt circles to the backing circles in step 4.

Angry Bird Boomerang

4. Lay the backing and the felt circles right sides together and pin all the way around matching your shoulder seams. Sew all the way around. Leave the neckline open.

Angry Bird Costume

5. Turn right side out and press.

6. Cut out all the facial features of your angry bird. Lay the features out the way you want them to look on the bird or pig front, then glue them down. Let it dry completely before moving on.

angry birds costumes

HOOD NOTE: If you are doing a hood, now is the time to add it to your costume. Cut out the bird feathers or the pig ears from the appropriate color felt. Also cut each from a piece of quilt batting. Sew them right sides together and batting on the bottom (see the picture below). When you turn it right side out the batting will be in the middle. Trim the corners and the seam allowance so it’s not too bulky. Turn them right side out.

Angry Bird costume

Put the hood pieces right sides together with the feathers sandwiched between them so that when you sew them down the center back you catch the feathers in your seam allowance. When you turn the hood right side out your feathers should stick up.

Angry Bird Costume Hood

PIG NOTE:For pig ears, you will follow the same instructions as the feathers except you won’t sew them down the center back. After you sew down the center back and turn the hood right side out, you will create a dart across the top of the head and catch the pig ears in them. Look at the picture below to see what I’m talking about. The right picture is the inside of the hood. The left is what it will look like on the outside of the hood.

angry birds pig

HOOD NOTE CON’T: Mark the center of the back felt circle. Match, right sides together, the hood center and the circle center together and pin it. Continue to pin the hood around the neckline. Sew it in place.

Angry Bird Costume Hood

7. Stuff the front and back angry bird body with poly fiberfill until you are satisfied with the fluffiness of your bird.

8. Hand stitch the neckline closed or topstitch with a sewing machine.

9. Paint a small piece of elastic (6-8”) the same color as your bird. Cut it in half and zig-zag stitch them to the angry birds underarms.

You are now a true angry bird! or an Angry Pig:)

Another Fun Idea: For a group of Angry Bird costumes, Make someone in your party the egg. I turned my 1 year old girl into the egg for our group and it made for some fun pictures. I mean, that is why the Angry Birds are so angry right?! The pigs stole the egg. So make someone the egg.

angry bird egg


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