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DIY Gru costume

Gru is probably the easiest of all the Despicable Me characters to create so if you’re a last minute costume person this is definitely for you! Not only is it easy but it’s also highly recognizable and the kids love it!

Gru’s Main Garb
First, take a trip to your local thrift store to find a grey turtleneck, black jacket, black dress shoes, and a black pair of slacks.
If you’re handy with a sewing machine or know someone, then have those pants tapered down your leg so they give you the skinny Gru legs.
Take a piece of foam or cardboard and make a little “G” zipper pull to hang on the front of your jacket zipper.
Shine those shoes so their real sparkly because Gru is a clean freak!

Gru’s Scarf
Now for Gru’s Classic Black and Grey scarf, You could make your own like in this tutorial but that is time consuming and requires a sewing machine. I recommend just buying one! Here are some cheap and great looking options (yes, they are affiliate links):
TrendsBlue Soft Knit
Ted and Jack Cashmere Feel
Mashed Clothing Thick Knit Winter Scarf

Now the real self evaluation comes down to whether you use a Bald Cap & Nose or a Mask for your Gru. Here are the pros and cons.

Bald Cap & Nose

Has a “Gru in Real Life” look
Better visibility
Can still talk without sounding muffled
Look like Gru from all sides

Takes time and skill to make it look right
Getting a good nose that will fit your face can be difficult
Requires extra materials to make it look good

Gru Mask

Super Easy – No prep time
Cartoon look

Muffled Voice
Limited visibility
(NEW NOTE: My husband tried out the mask, and it does look cool, but it is HOT!)

In the end, I can’t really say that one is better than the other. It really depends on what kind of a look you are going for and what hassles you are willing to deal with. It’s up to you.

Some helpful tips:
If you go for the DIY Gru Costume bald cap and nose, watch this tutorial first.
Here is a place to get a good Gru prosthetic nose or from
this Amazon Vendor.

If you go for the Gru Costume Mask option you can get one on Amazon for less than $20.
Despicable Me Gru Mask


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