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If you haven’t gathered already, I have this thing for costumes around redheads so…with that in mind, our family costumes this year are themed around Despicable Me. I made myself a freakin awesome Lucy Wilde jacket because she rocks that red hair! And if my husband were bald, he’d look so much like Gru it’s crazy! And I have 3 little minions running around my house everyday so…it fits our family perfectly!

Despicable Me Family

Lucy’s jacket is by far the most difficult to get right and requires lots of sewing. I don’t have a tutorial for that one…but the minions were foam costumes and so much fun to create! So here is my Minion Tutorial.

I followed Craftaholics Anonymous tutorial for the most part with my own tweaks and flair and want to share it with you!

Materials Needed:
Some kind of mattress foam (at least 1″ thick, I called around to mattress supply stores and found someone who sells a 90″ wide foam by the foot. It took 3 feet to make 2 costumes)
Large Man Jeans – the blue blue jean kind (not the dark jeans or the light jeans)
Black and yellow felt
4 large black buttons (Go as Big as you can)
Brown scrap felt or fabric (little pieces for the eyes)
Black pipe cleaners (fuzzier the better)
Spray paint in 3 colors (White, Silver, Yellow)
Glue Gun and LOTS of Glue sticks

There is also some minimal sewing involved to make the minion jeans but it is all straight lines and beginner easy stuff so don’t be scared!

First, you need 2 measurements before you cut your foam, height of the minion and the minion body circumference.
I had my kids sit on the ground and then measured from the ground to the top of their head (make sure they sit straight and tall) then added 12″ to that measurement to get the height of their minions (which are Dave and Stewart…so average height minions…Kevin needs more height:)

Then I used a tape measure to eyeball the size of circle I’d need to go around each kids body. You want your kids to still be able to use their arms so the circle can’t be to much wider than their bodies. For my 5 year old it was 48″ and my 3 year old was 44 inches (it that gives you a place to start). You can just wrap the foam around your child models and get a good idea for how far around their bodies you need to go.

Armed with those measurements I cut out my rectangles.

Next, I needed to round the head and have that glued together. Craftaholics Anonymous says you need 12 “petals” to get a good round shape and I agree! I marked down 6 inches from the top of the foam and then evenly spaced out 12 points. Then I glued them together..which is easier done with 2 people, one to hold petals in place and one to glue.

Despicable Me Minions

Next, I cut out paper verions of the eyes and mouth so I could see placement. Like Craftaholics Anonymous, I wanted to see my kids faces out the minion mouths so I chose to make laughing minions (or screaming minions depending how you look at it). Once I figured out the mouth shape, I was able to cut out the mouth and then had my kids put the suit on so that I could see how to pad the head so they could see out the mouth.

Craftaholics uses fabric and pillow stuffing for padding which is fine, but I didn’t have stuffing so I cut a large circle from the foam extras to glue into the top of the minion head so that the minions mouth would line up with my kids face. The foam circle needs to be a little bigger than the inside circumference of the minion head. Then I glued it inside the head with a glue gun.

Next I cut out teeth, goggles, and eyes all from leftover foam. The goggles have to be contoured a little to fit around the head otherwise they won’t glue down at all. Here are pictures of a single and a double eyeball.

Minion Hair

Minion Goggles

The eyeball part is a foam circle cut a little bigger than the goggle circumference. I carefully placed the foam circle inside the goggle in such a way that it bulges out and looks more like an eye.

Minion Goggles

Then I took everything outside to paint! it took 2 coats to get a good even color and the Walmart brand spray paint drys quickly so it only took half a day to get 2 coats and have it completely dry!
After the paint dries, you can glue together you goggle and eyeballs and arrange teeth inside the minion mouth.

Add a black band around the head by the goggles from your felt or from scrap fabric. Glue the goggles to the head.

Cut a large yellow felt circle for the minion hair. I poked pipe cleaners through the felt then glued the piece to the top of the minion head.

Minion Hair

Now it’s really looking awesome!

The Minion jeans…
This is where Craftaholics and I differ the most. She made a felt pant suit for her kids that was attached to the minion but I decided to just cover the minions body in jean fabric and then have my kids wear their own yellow shirt and jeans for the minion arms and legs. This is where the large men’s jeans come in handy as well as the minimal sewing.

Take a look at this minion. Notice the shape of his jean bib. The back of the minion’s jean bib is just like the front but no pockets.

Stuart the Minion

Take your men’s jeans and cut out the inseam (that’s the seam between the legs), and up the zipper so that you can fold your jeans out like this. Keep the inseam that you cut out because that will be the shoulder strap.

Minion Jeans

On the wrong side of one of the jean pant legs towards the bottom of the jeans, draw your front minion bib like this. I used a sharpie and mine ended up being about 10″ across the top, 15″ tall with 2 1/2 inches for the pockets on each side.

Minion Jean Bib

On the other pant leg hem, draw your back minion bib. It’s just a big rectangle. Mine was about 12″ x 18″. Craftoaholics leaves part of the center back open and then glues in velcro, but if you’re doing a jean bib like mine that’s not necessary because kids can get in through the bottom opening.

Minion Jean Bib

Next fold the pants in half and draw your side bib rectangles. Mine were 14″ x 15″.

Minion Jean Bib

Cut a front pocket out of the extra and you’re ready to assemble! I chose to serge around the sides of all my pieces to make them look pretty, but it’s not necessary. The next step is to hem all the straight edges that you’re going to see then assemble the bib like this.

Minion Jeans

Next step is to glue it onto your minion. Make sure to have enough hanging off the edges to wrap around to the inside of the minion like this.

Minion Bib

Glue the inseam that you cut out in the beginning like shoulder straps.

Finishing touches are the Gru Symbol on the Front Jean pocket which I made with Black felt and the buttons. I wish I had gotten larger buttons!

Voila! Kids go crazy!

Stewart Minion


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