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Maui from Disney’s Moana is such a loveable guy and definitely stands out from the crowd. And he’s a favorite with the kids so if you’re looking for a winner cosplay or halloween costume that everyone will recognize then Maui is your guy! And if you’re going to do Maui justice then you MUST make a Maui hook! My kids have turned everything they can into a Maui “hook” including hotwheels tracks, foam, hangers, and a big number 5 balloon (held upside down makes a great lookin hook). You don’t have to get that abstract or creative…these tutorials will help you make a great hook for any budget!


This one is the cheapest and probably the fastest and easiest to make. You could make it from a cardboard box of any kind and make it as big or as little as you want.

Pinterest Cardboard Maui Hook

The Pinterested Parent Paper Mache Version

DIY Maui Hook – Insulation Foam

This one is also very inexpensive although it costs a little more than the cardboard version. It is also very light and you can make it REALLY BIG and it still weighs hardly anything. It is also a lot more work but if you want to look awesome…you gotta do what you gotta do!

Jackie Vest Maui Hook Tutorial

Awe Me DIY Prop Shop Super Huge Maui Hook Tutorial

DIY Maui Hook – Wood

Talk about heavy duty! This one is lots of work and more costly but talk about real looking and sturdy and it glows in the dark!! What I want to know is how heavy this is…and wow…just wow. Watch this one for fun. It’s…wow.

Bobby Duke Arts Wood Maui Hook



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