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Tauriel Costume Pictures

In the middle of making my Tauriel Cosplay Costume and found lots of great reference photos and thought that I should share them with you. Happy Costume Creating! [...]

Black Widow Movie Photos

Making a Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff costume? You’ll need good reference pictures and this is where you’ll find them. Click on any photo to get a larger version. Avengers   Avengers: Age of Ultron   [...]

Evolution of the Captain America Costume

Original Field & SSR Field Uniform (As seen in Captain America The First Avenger)   Captain America goes through three costumes in the The First Avenger. He starts out in the USO Spandex Blue, Red and [...]

Ulimate Picture Guide to Cinderella (2015)

Good costumes start with good reference photos so I have started a collection of photos and links so you can really get into the details of these amazing costumes! Click any photo for a larger version. [...]

The Iron Man Suits Photo Guide

I’m not an Iron Man expert and telling the many many Iron Man suits apart is super difficult for me so I thought….”Why don’t I have pictures of all the suits in one place so I [...]

Costume Pictures: The Croods

If you’re thinking of a good family Halloween costume theme, try one of the popular prehistoric, caveman, neanderthal families like The Croods or the Flinstones! Great for a family of all ages, couples, or individuals! Meet [...]

Costume Sources & Tutorials: Oz, the Great & Powerful

Michelle Phan has a great Glinda Makeup Tutorial on her website. She really catches Glinda’s beauty in her design and the tutorial is easy to follow, video style. Gary Jones (costume designer) talks about the his [...]

Limited Edition Costumes: Oz, the Great & Powerful

Disney is offering a limited number of limited edition costumes for their latest movie release: Oz, the Great & Powerful. You can buy the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda’s gown from the Disney Store. [...]

Costume Pictures: Oz, the Great & Powerful

Most of the images are large enough to see great costume detail so that you can make the best possible costume replicas. Just click on the image to enlarge it. [...]

Costume Pictures: Jack, the Giant Slayer

Click on the picture reference to enlarge it. Most of the images are very large and show great detail of the Jack, the Giant Slayer costumes. [...]