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Batman Costume Sources & Pepakura

To make a low cost batman mask (also called a cowl), weapons, costume, armor, or anything Batman related, I would use a technique called pepakura. It’s kind of like origami but on a very large scale. [...]

Iron Man Pepakura File Sources

There are lots of talented designers that have created pepakura files for many of the Iron Man suits. The problem is, the files are scattered all over the web. This post is an attempt to make [...]

The Iron Man Suits Photo Guide

I’m not an Iron Man expert and telling the many many Iron Man suits apart is super difficult for me so I thought….”Why don’t I have pictures of all the suits in one place so I [...]

Pepakura 101: Costume Armor & Props

If you want to make an Ironman suit, replicate costumes from Halo, Star Wars, or any sci-fi armor or if you want to create cosplay weaponry then you will want to know a little about Pepakura. [...]