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Captain America Costume Tutorials

Original Field Uniform   Top Right: Even though the picture is of just the Shield, don’t be fooled, this RPF thread share tips and tricks for the entire costume and I highly recommend you begin your [...]

Monsters, Inc. Costume Tutorials

Monsters Inc. characters are fun, scary (in a fun way), and recognizable by everyone! They are the perfect costume for one or for a family theme! And I have put together a list of The BEST [...]

Iron Man Costume Tutorial – Cheap, Easy, & Impressive

If you want an Iron Man Armor costume that will impress your friends without you having to spend lots of money, then you may want to consider using foam. Stealth from The Hero Tutorials has a [...]

Best Tron Legacy Costume Tutorials

The Tron Legacy Costumes were revolutionary. The wireless costume lighting technology brought a whole new genre of cool to not only movie costumes but to fashion also. Since Tron came out in 2010 there have been [...]

G.I. Joe Costume Tutorials

Finally, I have some G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra & Retaliation costume sources for you! It’s taken a little longer on this flick because those die hard Joe fans hide themselves so well! HaHa! Snake [...]