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Bella’s Wedding Dress: Letter to Carolina Herrera

Dear Carolina Herrera, When I heard that you were going to be the designer of Bella Swan’s Wedding Gown in The Breaking Dawn Part 1, I squealed with delight (like this “Squeal!”).  You have a reputation [...]

Snow White vs. Snow White

I’m sure you’ve heard that in 2012 there will be two versions of Snow White hitting the theaters and both are sporting some heavy Hollywood names. It’s Julia Roberts vs. Charlize Theron. Kristen Stewart vs. Lily [...]

Bella’s Wedding Dress: What it looks like & Where to Get it

The most anticipated wedding dress of the year!  Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) will be wearing an original bridal piece by Carolina Herrera. To keep us all in suspense, full photos of the gown have not been [...]